Eating Consciously With Your Mind, Body, Spirit, and Emotions

The reason so many of us are suffering from disease is because we are eating unconsciously, disconnected from the foods that we are putting into our bodies. Many people eat to numb their emotions, to relieve anxiety or depression, out of boredom, or many other factors, none of which involve a conscious connection to mind, body, spirit, and emotion.Before you put a handful of chips into your mouth, it’s important to connect spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically, and ask yourself a few questions:· Is this really what my body needs?· Am I actually thirsty, instead of hungry?· Am I eating this to satisfy an underlying emotion that I haven’t resolved or faced?· Am I eating out of boredom and/or lack of direction?· Am I eating consciously or unconsciously?When we eat unconsciously, we tend to grab the convenient, processed foods that are already prepared and within easy reach. Most likely, the foods that you are unconsciously grabbing to fulfill an unresolved issue are acidic-forming foods. Cooked foods and processed foods tend to make the body more acidic. And when the body is acidic, then disease develops.Disease cannot take hold in an alkaline body. When your body Ph level is alkaline, you enjoy better health and well-being. When your body is acidic (due to unconscious eating of processed and cooked foods), then you open the gateway for disease within the body (ranging from cancer to diabetes to obesity to heart disease).You can reverse disease within the body by lowering your Ph level. You can check your Ph level easily by purchasing Ph strips and testing your saliva. You can purchase Ph strips at most health food stores and pharmacies. So, what can you do to alkalize your body, if your Ph levels are acidic?The rule of thumb is to simply start eating consciously. Eating consciously naturally leads to an alkaline state. Your Spirit already knows what’s best for you, and when you eat consciously, you are connecting with your Higher Self, which knows the truth. So how do you start eating consciously?Conscious eating is all about slowing down and connecting with your food, your mind, your body, your emotions, and your spirit, in order to make healthy decisions that are just perfect for you and your well-being.Connect with the origin and the “spirit” of the food. Where did your food come from? Really connect…If it’s an animal product, was the animal treated humanely? Is the food organic (or is it processed, loaded with pesticides, fillers, sugar, genetically modified)? In general, you can increase the amount of raw, unprocessed foods in your diet to help alkalize your body. When you connect with living foods (uncooked), you are receiving all the enzymes you need to break down food and digest it properly. When food is cooked, it is considered a “dead” food, usually absent of many of the important nutrients and enzymes your body needs. It’s best to connect with the pure essence of food in its most natural state. Once food is broken down and processed (in many cases, multiple times), the nutritional value of the food diminishes. The more raw and unprocessed foods you can eat, the better!Connect with your emotions. Is this food fulfilling an unresolved emotion? Or, is there a better way to face your emotions rather than eating to numb your emotions?Connect with your physical body. Are you really hungry, or are you just thirsty? Would a glass of water suit you better? You can use a pendulum to determine whether your physical body needs certain foods or not. You can also use kinesiology (also known as muscle testing) to connect or “check in” with your physical body to see if what you’re about to eat is actually good for your body.Connect with your spirit. Does this food make your spirit soar or sink to the floor with heaviness? Is it a heavy food with lots of spiritual baggage (like meat from an abused animal, or heavily processed), or is it light, whole, and pure?Bless your food! One of the best ways to start making a change is to bless your food. When you honor your food and express deep gratitude for your food, you life shifts to a new way of living, a new way of being in this world!

Importance of Trial Version in Project Management Software

Trail version in project management software plays very important role. If your project management software provides free trial version to your customers then it will definitely help you to boost your business because with this your clients or customers can easily understand the product. A trial version of software is a good way to introduce the product in your target market. It enables new users to try the software free of cost for a limited period and gives an opportunity to test the functionality of it and make up their mind whether they shall require it adequately in their sphere of work at a later stage.The companies are equally benefited as it allows for greater user penetration amongst their desired segment i.e. it allows them to spread their software to a far greater audience and generate more scope for revenue in future. It provides an idea about the features exists in the software. If you want to use project management software then it is essential for you that firstly you know what feature this software have and you require those features or not. Trial version is free of cost and this will provide an idea about the functionality of the software that whether it is good or not. With the help of this you get to try the software without paying. People get an overview of the software and can easily see if they can utilize the software for their official purpose.Trial versions are extremely important for any consumer because there is tons of software available; many are not suited for simple usage. With a trial version of an existing software, consumers can fully test the usability of the software, compare with others and finally shortlist which software to use ultimately. This proves that trial version is very important in project management software. Management software is very useful for large as well as small-scale industries. With the help of such software you can easily manage your number of projects simultaneously.For managing your lots of products it is essential that you should choose best project management software. And trial version is such an option which provides you an idea that this particular software suited all your needs or requirements or not. As you know trial version are free of cost that will provide benefit to the company because lots of users are come and use the software. This will increase the number of users on your website and also give you a chance to prove your reliability. There are many free project management software are available on the internet which provides many features. Trial versions can provide you an idea about the functionality, reliability and features of the software. So by using this you can easily choose your software for managing your projects according to your needs and requirements.

Buy Olukai Womens Slippers Online: The Best Guarantee For Buying Comfortable Shoes Online

On many occasions, I have had to return unfitted or tight shoes purchased from physical stores. Have you ever had to return tight shoes before? Returning a product is a time-wasting and very inconvenient act. You can reduce and eliminate the occasion from developing when you Buy Olukai Womens Slippers online.
Best way to avoid buying the wrong footwear

Shopping footwear from reputable stores like Hansensurf is a significant step in eliminating product return problems. They are known and only sell branded shoes like Olukai Womens Slippers online. You can find different footwear for any gender in the store.

I often read reviews of people buying fake branded shoes. A branded product carries a company’s seal of excellence backed up by a high reputation and good standing. Such companies tend to protect their image and reputation. So, all branded products “should” be original; surprisingly, this does not happen and when you buy Olukai Mens Sandals Malanai, you could end up with a fake item.

Further research shows the reason branded products could be fake is imitation. Some unscrupulous companies would produce a product using low-quality materials and later patronized by retail stores who in return, sell these low-quality “branded items” to unsuspecting customers. Avoid imitation by dealing with reputable, trusted, and confirmed retail stores that wouldn’t compromise their reputation for a reason. When you buy Olukai Mens Sandals Malanai from authorized stores like Hansensurf, you are sure of buying only excellent quality products.

If you bought a shoe and discovered that they are too tight, below are ways of fixing the problem.

1. You can wear the shoes in the evening: Wear the shoes every evening around your house to expand it. When you walk around with tight shoes in the evening; the constant movement softens the materials and makes them more comfortable.

2. Blow dryer and thick sock technique:

If the first option of walking around the house does not fix the tight shoe problems, try the socks and blow dryer technique. It involves wearing a thick sock on a shoe and using a dryer for twenty to thirty seconds on the tight part. Keep moving the dryer at each interval under medium heat to prevent damaging the leather.

3. Applying peeled potatoes as a remedy for tight shoes:

Mold a peeled potato into a shape similar to the front of your shoes or toe box. Use a paper towel to swab the potato dry, fill your footwear with the molded potato, and leave it overnight.

4. Liquid and spray for shoe stretches:

There are different sprays and liquids in the market that can stretch fabric, leather, and vinyl materials. If you suddenly experience tightness when wearing your sandals or shoes, apply sprays or liquid on the affected areas.

The sprays and liquid reduce friction and allow easy toe movement against the shoes. Wearing your shoe over time may eventually enlarge it and provide you the comfort you desire.

5. Look for a shoe expert:

When all DIY effort at fixing shoe tightness fails, hire a professional. Cobblers are experts, and they are capable of fixing any footwear tightness problems. Apart from servicing your shoes by stretching them, they can refresh and repair old shoes for you too.