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Exposed: The Deadly Secrets Of The Sugar Industry

A Quick Preamble:If you’re a regular reader of my ‘rants’, then you already know my opinions when it comes to “Frankenfoods” and specifically the worst “Frankenfood” of them all… SUGAR… with High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) being the most dangerous… and I’m certain that you also know by now that I NEVER express my opinions unless I’m certain they have good grounding – my own experience, solid evidence or documented/video proof provided by physical and scientific study.Well all the lies, denials, and duplicity that has been created, enforced and encouraged by “Big-Sugar” for decades, are being further exposed… the “hidden secrets” of the effects of all the extra sugar and HFCS added into our foods are becoming the public property that they always should have been…… yup, though it’s been known by some of us for years, it’s becoming even clearer… heavily processed and refined sugars are definitely playing a massive role in the cause of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and cancer – not to mention the many other health-disrupting ailments that are certain to be effecting your teeth, blood flow or your gut.Remember what I’ve always said: “Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat… Sugar Does..!”And if it makes you fat, it should be more than obvious that this POISON has the ability to endanger your health in many other ways… and it most definitely does..!!Cutting To The Chase:WHAT THEY WANTED HIDDEN:Insulin Resistance:♦ In your muscles = Type 2 Diabetes♦ In your brain = Alzheimer’s Disease♦ In your Liver = Fatty Liver Disease (non-alcoholic)♦ In your peripheral nervous system = Neuropathy♦ In your ovaries = Polycystic Ovary DiseaseCancers – of all types:Sugar is cancer’s greatest friend – it increases your chances of developing cancer and if you already have cancer, it will feed on the sugar you consume and things will go from bad to worse..!THE “SCARE TACTICS” – A PEEK AT THE SNEAK:While “nutritional ignorance” – encouraged by the big-food and big-sugar corporations – can be understood and forgiven, the same cannot be said for the food industry itself, when it has clearly known and has definitely discussed, the links between processed foods and chronic diseases for many past decades – and has subsequently down-played, vilified and ignored them for the sake of market shares and cash.1999, the city of Minneapolis, USA, saw a gathering of the CEO’s – very rare as they would more normally be fighting each other for bigger cuts of the market place – of America’s largest food and beverage companies… actually the worlds’ best known brands…… they were bluntly presented with all the evidence and proof of the deadly realities of sugar by two of their own, who were actually seeking more funding so they could carry out further studies of the sugar/disease links, thus improving the lot of the food industry – Big-Food were, and still are, risking the same type of trials that the tobacco industry faced back in the 50′s..!The two guys presenting the facts were berated and ignored… money out-weighed the health risks of the world populace – Wall Street etc. was far more important..!And how about this…From the mid’ 1950′s right through to the mid’ 1990′s, the tobacco industry faced major litigation procedures… 40+ years of fines, law-suits and law-changes – all after it was proved that the tobacco industry, world wide, had carried out a decades-long campaign of “lies, denials, and duplicity” regarding the health-destroying risks inherent in the products they were selling to the public – sounds familiar, right..?Investigations undertaken by the very best of investigators, including a top attorney who was previously involved in the tobacco litigations, have revealed that the food industry/sugar industry have been copying the self-same insidious, self-serving tactics that the tobacco industry had been using all those years ago – damned scary..!Could they be anymore dishonourable..? Uhm, yes actually…Back in 1972, a British nutritionist, Dr. John Yudkin, who had been studying the effects of refined sugar for something like 30 years as it gained power and impetus in the food industry, wrote a book called “Pure White and Deadly”… he scared the Sugar Association so badly that they resorted to a long, painful and extremely successful smear campaign that ruined Dr. Yudkins’ reputation, and brought sugar research, as a whole, to a complete halt…… and many years down the road, the white paper that the Sugar Association presented as ‘proof’ that poor old John was a “quack” and that sugar was healthy and necessary – “Sugar in the Diet of Man”, was found to have not only be filled with false information but it was also found that the Sugar Association themselves had funded it – AND they made it look as though it was the result of an independent study – and the world accepted it – sad..!!!BUT – GOOD NEWS… the studies are back in full force and what was hidden is being unhidden… for Big-Sugar and Big-Food, the day of reckoning is close..!A Final Anecdote:The basic premise is simple – if you want to avoid sickness and disease, AVOID THE POISON… AVOID SUGAR at all costs… there are NATURAL alternatives that WON’T destroy your health.Don’t be deceived at your supermarket… don’t trust the food industry… check the content lists of everything you take off the shelf… you’ll be amazed and shocked at how much sugar has been added to the products you purchase – even the “Healthy” foods…… and it doesn’t just end there – artificial sweeteners are also killing people – STOP..!There’s a great video at this point at the Natural Health Sniper site – go check it out if you have time… there’s a whole lot more detail than I’ve written here – it’s scary..!* * *