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AMA Nation Review – Is it Legitimate?

AMA Nation came across my radar a bit more than a month ago, and I found it interesting. So I wanted to do some in-depth research on AMA Nation to find out how legit it was.AMA Nation is the marketing arm of Public Power, LLC based in Danbury, Connecticut. Public Power, LLC is a licensed electricity supplier providing service to tens of thousands of residents, businesses and municipalities in several states across America.The management team is a highly successful team judging from their past. At the top of that team is the owner and CEO of Public Power, Mr. Bob Gries. He is the CEO and Founder of Gries Investment Fund, Founder of the Tampa Bay Storm and Co-owner of the Orlando Predators- Arena Football League.Bob Gries purchased Public Power almost 4 years ago and being familiar with network marketing, he teamed up with Peter “PJ” Jensen and launched AMA Nation second quarter of 2010.Peter “PJ” Jensen is a respected industry leader in the Direct Sales Industry. He is a former professional football player as well as a respected motivator and trainer. Bob Gries is dedicated in creating a large footprint in the energy industry with the company.Through energy deregulation which gives the consumer the choice to choose the supplier of their energy needs, rather than be at the mercy of energy conglomerates, the customer can save on the fixed household expense of electricity and soon natural gas. Plus with the AMA Nation Customer Rewards Program, which gives additional savings on name brand product both nationally and locally. It is a very attractive situation for the consumer especially in these economic times.Energy deregulation is sweeping the country. Currently in 23 states and in Canada, AMA Nation seems to have set an aggressive course to be in those territories.Since AMA Nation is a network marketing company, how does this benefit the network marketer? Well it is pretty simple from what I have found.An energy consultant, which is an agent of AMA Nation, can grow teams across the country and Canada to do the same. The energy consultants simply educate the general public, businesses, large and small and even non-profits, that they have a choice in the supplier of their energy needs. The service and maintenance stays with their current energy company.With that scenario, the energy consultant has 6 ways of compensation. 3 are immediate and paid weekly and are based on acquiring other consultants and customers. 2 of the latter 3 are paid monthly and based on kWh and MCF of usage ( electric and gas) not only of the consultants customers, but of the entire team they create as well. Leaving what appears to be a profit sharing plan based on the number of customers in the entire team which is paid monthly.In conclusion, I have found AMA Nation to be very legitimate company and opportunity.